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Health and Welfare News

June 2020

We have some updates to share with everyone including but not limited to, recent retirees from the past years. We also will include some names of our members who have passed away in recent times. There is also a list of our recent 60, 65, 70 and 75 year lifelong members.

There have been improvements to the Health and Welfare plans which we will also summarize. The Trustees and Fund Office Staff strive to provide benefits that fit the member’s needs. In the everchanging world in which we live it can sometimes be a struggle to be aware of best practices in the Health and Welfare environment. The following is some news we would like to share.


Retiree Health and Reimbursement Account

If you are a retiree and are eligible for medical benefits, for your retiree HRA this plan will continue as it has in the past.

Active Members Health Reimbursement Account

As of June 2018, then employers have been contributing .50 cents per hour worked into YOUR HRA Account. This money can be used for any reimbursement of out of pocket expense you might have incurred for you or your dependents. These out of pocket expenses must meet the requirements to eligible for reimbursements. See our website under the Welfare tab to print out the necessary forms for disbursement.

Retirement Seminar

The Retirement Seminars have been cancelled until further notice.

Check in with the website for future updates.


Union Members that have recently passed from January through June 2020


Recently Retired Members January through June 2020


Photos of our Recently Retired


60, 65, 70 and 75 Year Members


Michael P. Maloney

President Local 597

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