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Chicago has played an instrumental role in the development of the piping industry since the inception of unions. The original UA headquarters was in Chicago. Shortly after the UA was formed, the Steam Fitters’ Protection Association Local 2 of the International Association was organized, holding their first meeting at the Plasterers’ Hall in 1885.


Local 597 has maintained a stable history in the industry, electing only five Business Managers since 1900.


  • Charles Rau 1901-1951

  • Martin J. Ward 1951- 1958

  • Francis X. McCartin 1958-2001

  • James Buchanan 2001-2016

  • Kevin Morrissey 2016- Current


Local 597 has indeed fought to keep America’s standard of living one of the highest in the world, through fair wages, reasonable working hours and the safest possible working conditions for its members.

Our five-year UA apprenticeship program makes our pipe fitters, welders and HVAC service technicians the best in the industry, so your projects are done safely and cost effectively.




The Pipefitters Apprenticeship program is a 5-year program. Whether you choose to sign up for Building Trades Pipefitter or the HVAC Service Program. The application process takes place the first Wednesday of every month from 8 am to 12 pm at our Training Facility in Mokena, IL. An individual can contact our Training Center to get more information or click on the Training Tab to find the full detail of the application process.  The Training Centers telephone number is 708.326.9240.


*All applications will be accepted at the Training Facility in Mokena, IL. No applications will be accepted at our Main Office in Chicago.


Referral Hall Dashboard:


Members can use their Referral Hall Dashboard to pay dues, re-register on the OWL, update skills and profile information, and register for upcoming classes at the Training Center.


Scholarship Opportunities:


   James Buchanan Scholarship
Please contact Johnson & Krol for the details and application process for this scholarship

Johnson and Krol- 312.372.8587


   United Association Scholarship
Please contact the UA in Maryland for further information or click on the link below to download.

United Association- 410.269.2000