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Chicago has played an instrumental role in the development of the piping industry since the inception of unions. Local 597 has indeed fought to keep America’s standard of living one of the highest in the world, through fair wages, reasonable working hours, and the safest possible working conditions for its members.

What is a Pipefitter

Pipefitters are welding professionals who install new piping systems. They must possess a wide range of technical skills related to their profession. As a pipefitter you will install and fix the pipe systems, as well as use different skills, tools, and equipment to and mark the tools according to certain specifications and regulations.

There are many different settings Pipefitters may choose to work in. Many of them serve in power plants or industrial settings, installing and adding adjustments to the company’s pipe systems. Some of them may choose to enter the HVAC Program, where their skills will be applied in residential or commercial properties, visiting offices, apartment units or homes.

Pipefitters typically spend most of their time outdoors laying pipes for different applications such as gas, chemical and oil companies. This job requires a great physical stamina and strength to endure long hours of being hunched over piping systems or standing on ladders to reach pipes that are in higher areas.

United Association

The United Association of Journeyman and Apprentices for Pipefitters and Plumbers represents all local members in the industry pipefitting and plumbing across the United States and Canada.

United Association Website

Mechanical Contractors Association

This link will direct any members or signatory contractors of Local 597 directly to MC for updates regarding education, labor related news, education, calendar of events, company status, safety, etc.

Mechanical Contractors Association Website

Scholarship Opportunities:

United Association Scholarship
Please contact the UA in Maryland for further information or click on the link below to download.

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