Empower Cash Account



The Emergency Savings Fund is a new fund in the Fringe Benefits package effective June 1st, 2024. The rate for the savings fund is $1.00 per hour worked. Benefits are only paid on hours truthfully worked (not vacation time). For overtime, benefits are reported as straight time. For example, if you work overtime, the rate is still $1 being contributed per hour for this fund, not $1.50. This is an AFTER-TAX deduction from the members paycheck, it is not funded by the Employer. This money is sent to the fund office from the contractor on behalf of each member on a monthly basis along with the other benefits. The fund office in turn processes the contributions and sends this money off to the Empower plan. Empower than credits each member’s bank account at UMB Bank with the funds received for that work period. In order for the members contribution to process, the bank account must be opened by the Pipefitter PRIOR to the contribution being received. No money will be sent until there is an active bank account to send the money too.



  • This is an AFTER-TAX deduction from the members paycheck (similar to the dues assessment fund)
  • There will be no additional report in the Employer XG portal for this fund. This fund is included with the other fringe benefits included in the package – it will be an additional line item in the general contract report based off of hours worked
  • This benefit is only paid on hours worked, not vacation time. For overtime, the benefit is still reported as straight time, as the other benefits are
  • If you have additional questions, please contact the MCA at (312) 384-1220