Important News and Announcement Letters

  • 2021 401K Voluntary Deferral Limits

              $19,500 Under Age 50

              $25,500 Age 50 and Older

  • Safe Harbor Notice for Plan Year Beginning January 1, 2021 





Pipe Fitters Local Union 597 Fund Office Dashboard

The Fund Office Dashboard, which is available for all participants effective immediately, provides you and your family with a wealth of information related to the Pipe Fitters Local 597 Welfare, Retirement and Individual Account and 401(k) Funds.  The following are features of this secure website:

Welfare Fund

A.     You can view/download the explanations of benefits (EOB’s) for all medical, dental and drug claims that have been processed for you and/or your dependents in the current year-to-date and the previous calendar year.  Your spouse and your adult dependents must create their own account.

B.     You can view where you and your family stand together and as individuals with respect to your annual deductible and out-of-pocket limits.

C.     You will be able to see, up to the minute, the period of time for which you will be eligible for Local 597 Welfare Fund benefits.

Retirement Fund

A.     Pensioner’s will be able to view/download their 1099’s and their monthly payment histories.

Access the Dashboard

To register, simply visit the Pipe Fitters Local 597 official website:  Click on Membership then Fund Office Dashboard and follow the instructions.

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