Pipe Fitters' Local Union 597 Member Dashboard

The Fund Office Dashboard, which is available for all participants effective immediately, provides you and your family with a wealth of information related to the Pipe Fitters Local 597 Welfare, Retirement and Individual Account and 401(k) Funds.  It will also provide useful information that’s maintained on your behalf by the Association.  The following are features of this secure website: 

Welfare Fund

A.     You can view/download the explanations of benefits (EOB’s) for all medical, dental and drug claims that have been processed for you and/or your dependents in the current year-to-date and the previous calendar year.  If you have adult dependents, when you register, you must attest that you are eligible to view this information on their behalf. 

B.     You can view where you and your family stand together and as individuals with respect to your annual deductible and out-of-pocket limits. 

C.     You will be able to see, up to the minute, the period of time for which you will be eligible for Local 597 Welfare Fund benefits. 

D.     You will be able to choose not to receive paper EOB’s that are mailed but instead view and download EOB’s at the time your claim is processed.   

Retirement Fund

A.     Active members will be able to view/download their current, year-to-date Pension Credit Statement as well as the prior year’s Statement.   

B.     Pensioner’s will be able to view/download their 1099’s and their monthly payment histories. 

Individual Account and 401(k) Plan

You will be able to view an annual and/or monthly history of employer contributions and voluntary contributions into the 401(k) Plan since its inception.  In evaluating the performance of your account, it’s helpful to know how much you and your employer have actually contributed compared to what the account balance is.   


You can view your hours worked by employer since 1981.  You can also view/download a history of your wage work assessment since 2004 and access Association notices to members.  Finally, if you are registered with the Referral Hall, you’ll be able to see your current position on the out-of-work list. 

Access the Dashboard

To register, simply visit the Pipe Fitters Local 597 official website:  www.pf597.org.  Click on the Member Dashboard icon and follow the instructions.  If you are already registered to pay your dues online, you will not have to re-register as your username and password will already work on the Pipe Fitters Local 597 Member Dashboard.

If you have any problems with the registration process, please contact the Fund Office for immediate assistance.