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Dues Changes Effective June of 2023

Starting in June of 2023, Local 597 will be enforcing the constitutional requirements for all delinquent members and reinstatement fees. This change is being implemented and enforced to all locals across the United States, per the United Association following the 40th General Convention.

 Any member that is owing over (3) months dues, Local 597 will assess a reinstatement fee starting the 4th month following your delinquency status. If any member is in arrears for a period of (6) months, they shall stand expelled from the local union and need to reinitiate.

Constitutional Changes per the United Association:

  • Per Section 157(a) Suspended member must pay his/hers $50.00 reinstatement fee before their back dues can be paid.
  • Section 159 Any member in arrears for dues for a period of (6) months shall stand expelled.

Please note that this change is mandatory by and for the United Association. Should you have any questions regarding your dues status please contact the Association.

Breakout of Quarterly Dues
1st Qtr- January through February                

2nd Qtr- April through June                                                                  

3rd Qtr- July through September                                                      

4th Qtr- October through December   


Dues Breakdown of Rates

Journeyman                          $246/quarterly        or      $984/yearly

Metal Trades Service            $196/quarterly        or      $784/yearly

Metal Trade Appliance Fitter $181/ quarterly      or      $724/yearly

Residential Technician           $147/quarterly       or       $588/yearly     

Apprentice                               $192/quarterly       or      $768/yearly     

Warehouse                               $111/quarterly       or       $444/yearly  


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